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Finally a carrier has a real BYOD plan.

As mentioned in a previous article, finding an MVNO that understands BYOD was a pain in the backend. Finally T-Mobile brought a plan that made sense.

After many years in the Arizona and iOS ecosystems, my family and I have moved to Southern California, and I’ve started working at a company that does some really neat things on Android devices. (My opinions are my own, and not that of my employer). They do some pretty great apps on iOS as well, but I wanted to try the phones that my friends and coworkers have been raving about. In addition, our old carrier didn’t have a good signal (1 bar or less).

So we ordered two unlocked android phones (a nexus 5, and a moto x), and signed up for T-mobile’s simple family plan, where if you’re bringing your own device you don’t pay a subsidy. Doing the math on the two carrier’s plans and bringing your own device, You’ll break even versus a shared data plan with a phone subsidy in 5 months. Over a two year period you’ll save about 1,040 dollars. Of course YMMV, and this is just my opinion. ATT looks to have a BYOD plan as well at this point.